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What is Sisterlocks?

What are Sisterlocks? What’s the history behind them? How can you get them? What’s Sisterlocks™ all about? Learn all about it here.

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Becoming a Notty N.I.S.T.A.

Looking to start your journey with Sisterlocks™? NottyByNature is here to aid you with your transition into the world of natural hair!


What's New


Cranial Prosthetic

A custom-made wig specifically designed for patients who have lost their hair as a result of medical conditions or treatments, such as alopecia areata, alopecia totalis, trichotillomania, chemotherapy, or any other clinical disease or treatment resulting in hair loss.

What's New


XTC Hair Growth System

XTC™ Hair Rejuvenation Systems were developed by industry experts, as any easy, convenient, multi-step system to help eliminate the major cause of genetic hair loss, proactively treat thinning hair, slow the progression of aging hair, and rejuvenate hair damaged by excessive heat, harsh chemicals, tight braids, weaves and extensions.  

What's New


Sisterlocks™ Convention

Be apart of the Sisterlocks™ experience! Offering official Sisterlocks™ training courses, refresher student courses, networking opportunities, and much much more.

Enrollment is limited, so register ASAP!    


Top 10 Sisterlock IGs

Some are unaware of the differences in types of locs a person can wear and just how versatile they actually are.  Whether you allow them to form on their own, guide them, rock them big or small, locs are an amazing path for natural healthy hair.


6 Things to know about Sisterlocks

As you know by now, Sisterlocks are a lifestyle change and a true commitment. Here are some facts that you should know before you decide to free yourself of hair dilemmas, hair woes, and just bad hair days. Once you get Sisterlocks I promise you that bad hair days are non-existent!


Hair Inspiration

If you’re still on the fence about whether to take on the loc life, get inspired by these beautiful black women wearing seriously stunning sisterlocks in Essence magazine.


Confessions of a Notty N.I.S.T.A.